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What My Clients Say


Thank you for a year of enlightenment. Without your gentle and compassionate encouragement we’d be another divorce statistic – I shall always remember you as our healer of broken hearts! Tracey


Thanks very much for your help over the year and guiding us to uncover ourselves. Rob


I learnt a lot about myself and my partner. It was great to verbalise so much that is rarely even thought about. I realised the main thing I have to do in this lifetime for everyone to benefit is be myself and live my core values. Todd Sydney NSW


My Mission is an example of how two people who loved each other can part after 38 years of living together, but still have a loving relationship, still be family, just live in different houses, have different friends, and still lead happy lives together and apart.  Thank you for your help to bring us both to this conclusion ... and for your support and keeping me honest by showing me both sides.  Your Constellation Workshops and Counselling Sessions have made this possible for me to move on with love.You could say we are closer now than we have been in years and are more honest with each other.  Diane Gold Coast QLD

Helen & James

It has nearly been a year since James and I first met you. ... We are truly grateful that you came into our lives and that we were brave enough to seek answers and an easier way. It's certainly been an amazing journey as we continue to pick up our jigsaw pieces and add them to the puzzle we call 'life'. James and I have learnt and continue to learn so much about each other and our family. The 'Couple Constellation' sessions we did with you was the turning point for recognising our non serving belief patterns and unattractive victim like behaviours. The sessions have allowed us to see that our marriage was based on values we didn't believe in and that the only way to move forward was to create new ones. This process hasn't been easy, however with the determination to make it work and recognising the love we have for each other, the learning has been fun! Thank you once again for helping our family. Love and Gratitude,  Helen & James * Gold Coast QLD


... I am now feeling a great deal of gratitude for how my life has unfolded recently and brought me to be the person I now know and love.  Of course, it was you who taught and showed me the importance of values and I hope you understand how thankful and appreciative I am of your help, your patience and your kind, loving ways which has so significantly uncovered the true 'me'.Whilst I am still single and refuse to give up the search for true love I can see now that I am my own alchemist on my own internal journey.  I have faith that awaiting me is an amazing woman who, without first learning about myself the way I have and still am, I wouldn't be ready for ... I see the wait as training!  Peter*  Brisbane QLD


Thank you Diane, you really did help me to pluck up the courage to tell my dad I loved him and that I was proud of him.  Thank you, because this opened the door for him to express his love verbally as well.  Surely the tears will stop flowing soon!  Scott Gold Coast QLD


Diane helped me through some emotionally tough times to do with relationships. ... She has some very effective techniques which work really well with Skype.  You could be anywhere in the world and get great results. After working with Diane, family and friends were commenting to me how well I looked and that I seemed different ... a lot more relaxed and happy and much more open and it was much easier to connect on a deeper level with me.  Diane is great.  Glenn  Sydney NSW

Rob & Tracey

And on the arrival of their next child … A special thank you to you, Diane for helping us create this beautiful miracle – we are forever indebted to you. … each day something happens that restores my faith in mankind. I just can’t believe how blessed we really are. Rob & Tracey Sydney NSW


I've seen Diane a couple of times over the past 7 years.  The first time was when I was a teenager; my family was dealing with issues such as cancer and divorce.  She was able to give me support and guidance that still resonates with me, even now that our sessions have ended. Eighteen months ago I felt compelled to see her again as my relationship was in turmoil.  My boyfriend and I couldn't get past certain issues we were dealing with and kept coming to a dead end.  Diane was able to be a third party and ask us questions we hadn't covered and provided us with a different point of view which helped us through our concerns as a couple. S Tweed Valley NSW


My husband and I saw Diane Viola for a number of sessions for marriage counselling. Diane helped us to get right to the heart of our issues quite quickly in a very supportive and non-judgemental way. Through our sessions, we were also able to truly hear what the other was saying, which led to greater understanding between us. We were both able to reconnect with the love we felt for each other, which had been almost completely buried by the dramas, disagreements, trials and challenges of everyday life. We were able to share and explore the truth of what was really going on in our relationship, and to reconnect in a way that we hadn't really done for years. I would recommend Diane to anyone with relationship issues, or to anyone needing to gain clarity on any aspect of their life. K Brisbane QLD

C & S

Thought it timely to send you a quick note given that it was one year ago today that we first came up to see you. Things are going well for us, both individually and as a couple. It's been a huge year for us and a few things have happened that I think before would have led to all sorts of meltdowns but we have worked through them together and remain strong in our love and commitment to one another and the girls. As for the girls - they are having a fantastic year. ... C & S Sydney NSW


Thank you for your gentle strength and your respectful way of working with us. Inspirational to be with. Leah, Workshop Participant Perth WA


Recently, I went through a very traumatic period in my life – as a result, I was left feeling like I was not sure who I was anymore and felt completely lost. My world felt like it was literally falling apart and I didn’t know what to do. Shortly thereafter I attended the Employee Assistance Program. I did not know what to expect. Diane was amazing. I gained my self-confidence back and learnt to love and accept myself again. The program taught me how to communicate more effectively and gave me an insight on how to better understand others. DS Gold Coast, QLD